[e] Q U I N O X;
"I'm Not A Slave To A God That Doesn't Exist."

I’m so fucking lazy right now cause of all this medicine.

I have an upper kidney infection and an ear infection in my lobes due to my parents puppy biting into the lobe holes and I also had wood in.

Bad fucking idea to buy wood in the first place. Did not like my ears at all. Learned this obviously the hard way.

Gotta retire my weigher gauges for now so they can heal; fucking sucks cause I love my earrings 

But they say the third time is the charm when it comes to this so uwu can’t be too mad.

Dootz while FA was down.

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Playing with the alien dawg ye.

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Dude jump off my dick okay?

If you’re going to assume I’m the one who’s sending you rude or hateful anons, news flash asshole.

If I have something to say, I’ll privately message you and give you my two cents, or say the shit to your face. Not hide behind a grey face.

Either you grow up or I smack you with a fucking dildo.

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friendly reminder that:


  1. body hair is natural
  2. body hair doesn’t make you dirty
  3. people with body hair can be extremely clean people
  4. having body hair is fine
  5. not having body hair is fine
  6. liking body hair is fine
  7. not liking body hair is fine
  8. judging or being mean to people for having, liking or not liking body hair is not fine

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This Is Gospel | Panic! at the Disco

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