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Anonymous asked: What tags do you track?


So cute (‘3’)

(X) - Tag Masterlist.  — Hope this answers this the way you wanted anon!

On a regular basis tho like on my phone;

  • #Sonny Moore
  • #Skrillmau5
  • #Transgender - #FTM
  • #Joel Zimmerman
  • #Pokemon
  • #Charmaine Olivia
  • #Zoids - #Liger Zero
  • #TheKatVonD
  • #Cookies
  • #Ville Valo
  • #Sharon Osbourne - #Ozzy Osbourne
  • #Art
  • #Choonz - #Audio Post
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Anonymous asked: Surprisingly a lot of people don't like Charmaine, I'm guessing it's cause she gets the Sonny D and they don't. I think they're adorable, and if they really cared for Sonny they'd just be happy that he's happy.


Well Charmaine is pretty much one of the best things since sliced bread.

I’m not saying that because she’s with Sonny; I’m saying that because I’ve known about her since I was a Freshman in high school.

The first time I ever heard about her was in art class, and she’s one of my favorite women artists aside like Kat Von D. and a few others.

Not to mention she was on my favorite show Oddities.

People are just gonna have to fucking suck it up. I don’t bitch and complain about seeing too much  of a certain thing someone else blogs.

Sorry not sorry. Deal with the fact I like Charmaine and frequently reblog her shit.

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